Yeelights offline after router reboot

I have 2 color bulbs in use v1 and v2. And 2 ledstrips V1 and the plus version.

But when i automatically reboot my router daily, my lights are now and then offline after that and i need to cut of the power to reset them again. Is that fixable? It’s getting anoying.

Ps. The lights have a fixed ip address

And about the V1 color bulb. Can there be an option too when power cuts off and come back on that the bulb keeps off and not automatically turn on. The other yeelights have already that option.


Why do you reboot your router daily in the first place? It is not necessary, those devices were designed to work years without rebooting…


All the devices get offline after router reboot?

If you can reproduce this issue, next time it happens, please don’t touch them and contact us immediately. We will look into it.

It’s happening at this moment. Didn’t touch them yet because im not home at the moment, but can acces “home” remote. What do you need?

Could you double check if the bulbs actually connected to your router?

They are also offline in the router

Do they generate a somekind of LOG which can be read with ssh when they are reconnected again after a powercut?

You can enable “Save light state automatically” for V1 in page of “Default State”, v1 will also remember off state from power outage.