Can't connect my new Yeelight


I just bought a YeeLight but i failed to connect it with my phone.
Using the YeeLIGHT App i tried but it gives me either “connexion time out” or “Device disconected” ( even after reaching 100%).
I tried with Mi Home but i can’t detect it.
I precise that i have a Remi 5 plus (tried with an iphone and an ipad also but fail), a 2.4GH wifi signal ( fibre), that i tried with a 4G connection ( didin’t work either) , that i can see the Yeelight emits a wifi signal and that i rebooted it 3 times with no success.

I really don’t know what i can do more! Please help :slight_smile:

Could you have a try with changing your router’s DNS server to instead of using automatically allocation?

same problem bro could you help please