Flash notify settings

Hi everyone! I would like to ask what are the settings behind the “flash notify” scene made by the Yeelight team, especially the duration of the light and the pause if there are some between each light frame. Thanks

The command response to “flash notify” is

6 is total number of visible state changing before flow stopped.
0 means bulb will recover to the state before flow started.
“600,2,4000,70,400,2,4000,1” is flow expression, it contains two frames “600,2,4000,70” and “400, 2,4000,1”. Each visible state changing is defined to be a flow tuple that contains 4 elements: [duration,color_mode,value,brightness].

color_mode possible value is defined as below:
1 - rgb mode / 2 - color temperature mode / 3 - brightness mode / 7 - sleep mode

So for above " flash notify" request, it means: Change CT to 4000K & 70% brightness gradually in 600ms, then change CT to 4000K & 1% brightness gradually in 400ms. After 6 changes reached, stopped the flow and recover to started state.

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Thank you very much. In fact I would like to reproduce it with various colors but mine was not as good as yours. The problem with mine was the timing, so it doesn’t flashes as yours do. Thanks again