i can't setup Yeelight color RGB to mi home App

Hi guys.
I am from colombia. Yesterday I bought a Yeelight bulb color RGB. and i cant sync the bulb with mi home app.
how can i fix that?

Why don’t you try Yeelight app?

I already did it and it doesn’t work. I couldn’t connect the bulb with the Yeelight app. is possible my router cause this error?

Mihome and Yeelight are share the same cloud server, so if you have connected to Mihome, then it will be shown in Yeelight if you select the same server with Mihome. So please make sure you select the same server, or you can reset the bulb and connect to Yeelight again.

i did it and still without work…

Hello, I use MI Home on Europe server and I don’t have the Yeelight Light bulb in the Device list. I can only add the light bulb in the Yeelight app on German server but it doesn’t show up in the Mi Home app. What should I do?

After you change Germany server in Mihome, if you can see the device you want to add in page of add device, it means it supports it in Germany. Please have a check if there is it.

Mi Home only has Europe server. Mi Home is on Europe server and Yeelight is on German server. The lights added in the Yeelight app don’t show up in Mi Home.