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Please PN me or just write into the forum:


any ideas why on my Windows 10 when the app goes to start, it just closes?


Of course not:) But we can find the issue:
Go CMD or powershell, cd to JAR path in your installation folder and type in “java -jar JeeLight.jar”.
Then send me the Log via PN




There is no file
send me the Log via PN or forum




this is what comes up


Guys, am I writing unclear or just not being read what I’m writing since 4 Posts? This is not a support thread. it serves to introduce JeeLight.
write me via PM or JeeLight forum please, It’s all getting too confusing for every reader. We need to work this problem out together. This can lead to several discussions, and we do not have to spam this thread unnecessarily.

So now i send you a message :wink:


Version 2.22 is online

  • new Application icon
  • better device handling
  • some stability improvements
  • fixed a bug in Circadian lightning
  • Lightgroups in “Special” tab added
  • MacOS installer added. Runs impressive smooth on a 2011 MacBook Pro


Version 2.24 is online

added a new special called “Roompaint”.
With this mode all colors will flow slowly from one Light to the next one. And paint your room with uncountable beautiful colors. Select the Lights in the same Order they are arranged in your room. The colors will run through this arrangement. The more Lights the more beautiful! Have Fun!


Version 2.25 is online

  • new special “Twinkle”
  • Added a Tray Icon to control JeeLight while the Window is closed
  • Updated to latest Java Runtime


I’m looking for a designer to make JeeLight more beautiful.
If you want to support me please contact me!

Link to the JeeLight Forum



  1. is it possible that you can create a timer or something so that when your app loses connection with a bulb… it tries to reconnect?

for example if i turn my bulb off and then on… i need to go back to the app and reconnect it in order to work.

  1. can you create an option so that everytime your app starts… some specific likes can be turned on and off when the app closes?

also i think someone else mentioned it but i don’t know what happened with that idea…
is there any chance that you could include the wifi -led stip controller in your app? that would be awesome.


Of course its possible and I will think about it but there will be some scenarios wich won’t work. For example if you running JeeLight and switch off the light via app, JeeLight will reconnect and switch the light on again.

btw: ALL WiFi enabled Yeelights are already compatible, this also includes the strips and Bedside Lamps


of course it will turn it back on. that’s normal and i understand. the idea is that when you turn on the pc for example… the led bulb or strip behind the monitors… come on when the app starts.

as for the led stip wifi controller… i am talking about this one

also i tested Jeelight with Kodi and for some reason the results were not good. it wasn’t capturing what was actually going on and it had really slow reaction


That would cause a huge amount of work to implement a second device such these wifi controllers. Even while there are so many out there with different protocol. Sadly I haven’t any of these to test it out.

Are you running jeelight on MacOS?


no i am on Windows 10.


What’s your CPU load while playing? Jeelight doesn’t do anything different. It makes screenshots at the given areas and processing the colors. No matter wich application is running. Maybe your pc has hard work during decoding the video. Also please try to run kodi in fullscreen window not real fullscreen


Wow, this is awesome. I will try for sure.

Even more useful, at least for me, is a Android app for installing on my TV box, that would be the cherry on top.

Keep the good work.


Hello all

Just to share my video about the new led strip plus working with Jeelight software

Grete software @Blueforcer !!