Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip Plus Global Launch is coming soon!

Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip Plus Global Launch is coming soon! :grinning::grinning::grinning:

Extended strips enables expanded possibilities! Equipped with many great features at an affordable price, it is the finest Yeelight product of this year!

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Why is it separate from Yeelight under Aurora brand with new FB page? Is there difference from this product?

Hi, Dannyboy, we name it Aurora and prepare for its global launch.

quick question.
aurora is just led strip plus.

did you design it so that the strip can produce multiple colors at the same time?
meaning that half the strip can be blue and half the other strip red?

if not, you are once again at least one year behind your competition.

Those that can do that cost like 300$…

99.99 euros…

this is like 50? euros more than “Aurora” but you get one led strip which produces ACCURATE colors with high lumens AND different colors on the same led strip.

imagine how great it would work with your plugin for Kodi!

Hi, I’m afraid Aurora does not support multiple colors at the same time. :disappointed_relieved:

Still, that’s a lot of money, isn’t it?

hi candice,
thank you for replying.
yes it is a lot of money especially when we are talking about 2m of led strip! if it was 5m then it would be fine.

let’s be fair though. i can buy from ebay a 5m led strip RGB with 10 euros. then i can buy a wifi led strip controller with 7 euros which is “smart”, it has schedules, works with alexa, google, ifttt and openhab for home automation.

that’s a price that “Aurora” can’t beat even though it does exactly the same thing.
if you want to talk about quality… i can spend 30 euros on a 5M led strip with the wifi controller and still be cheaper than “Aurora”.

what i want to say is… (and please don’t think that i am trying to demote your product’s quality) that we are in 2018-2019. Yeelight is taking ages to release a product (look at what happened with RGB V2 bulb) and when it does… it doesn’t meet the the standards of the competition. i would prefer it if you had two versions… 1 version called “Yeelight Led Strip Plus” which is an expandable led strip with one color at the time for 30 euros and one version called “Aurora” which is an expandable led strip where you can set different colors at the same time for 50 euros.

just my two cents.

I still don’t get it. If you want MULTIPLE colors, how would you control them? Imagine Yeelight APP. Now, setting multiple colors… This would only be useful for API and 3rd party apps. Like my YeeMee addon etc.

Or… when you have HDMI input so it can automatically transfer screen colors to LED colors. But… that would require much more logic/components etc, so it would cost like 300$… :slight_smile:

Just received the light strip plus, looks good! But why are therse just two modes? Color and flow? Where is the wit/sun mode like the other strip and bulbs? Now i have color difference in the same room…

Hi Arjanni, Aurora supports sunset and sunrise mode, able to light up with the sunrise, and turn off with the sunset, set yeelight app would work.

I think you don’t understand what i mean.
In the app (yeelight and Mi home) there is a color option “white” also know recently as “sun”. Other/older bulbs and strip have this option to get a natural white light or color tempature.
This option is missing with the new strip plus.

I”ve read this in an other topic that is due EU certification demands/issues. My question. Why is the white color option a problem to get a EU certification?

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Hi Arjannl, because white color is generated through the mixing of RGB colors, but not come from the actual white beads, and EU certification require white color comes from the actual light bead.

Thanks for the heads up.
Maybe an option to expand the colorpicker with a white area? So its possible to get the full spectrum of colors and you don’t have to call it white.

Beside this, is it allowed to add a color tempature which is enabled in de lan/expert mode. So third party application can use color tempature from the backend?

what is the exact width of the aurora strip light? and can i use corner connectors with these strips?

Hi, the width of the strip is 11mm

This is all good. I love the yeelight products. Hope you come out with more stuff. Good to use for beginners like me. Of course it costs more than the other controllers and lights but it saves people time. No time to waste nowadays with tinkering and fiddling. Id rather buy and get it working right away. My only complaint is the strip Light which takes some engineering to solder to another one for separate shelves to work with one controller. Overall though I give it 9/10. Would be perfect if YL comes out with spotlight type long throw lights for more mood and drama. Keep up the great work! PS the ceiling lights in Philippines is always out of stock though. That’s my main complain right now. I need two that I can’t buy in any of the stores except online.