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MiHome App - When US Server will add Yeelight Bulb v2 support?

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No plan so far

Why is that?

Here is my situation:
MI HOME -> Only china server has the ability to add my several bulb v2, my 2 gateways and my aqara wifi switches.
YEELIGHT -> I need this to integrate with alexa and it needs to be on china server so i can control the same lights i setup on MI HOME app.
ALEXA YEELIGHT SKILL -> Will only discover yeelight lights if i setup the app on US or SINGAPORE server and those servers don’t have the ability to add the bulbs v2. WTF!

Look at this mess, is there any workaround or solutions?

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I have the same problem. I previously tried Philips Hue bulbs but returned them instead for Yeelight bulbs (I currently have 9) because I liked the ability to remember default light scenes and the Yeelight app and customization options better. However I also had the Hue motion sensor which was really useful and now no longer have that functionality.

I would like to get the Aqara gateway and motion sensors but I need it to work with my Yeelights / Google Home / IFTTT on the US server.

Did I make a mistake by going with Yeelight?

I guess they don’t care.

All devices plus Google and IFTTT work on China server… and motion sensors, etc. Only thing that doesn’t is vacum cleaner. SO you’d be better of switching to China server.

If i change to china server, yeelight skill (developed by yeelight) won’t discover the devices, this means alexa won’t be able to control the lights, and this is not an option for me.

IFTTT could be a workaround, but china server + ifttt will be really slow and unreliable.

I use Yeelight and MiHome skills, and it discovers all bulbs from Google Assistant (on phone)… plus Air Purifier. Mihome doesn’t see v2 bulbs, but Yeelight skill does :slight_smile: All on China server. It is sometimes probably a bit slower to react (sometimes only!) but at least everything works.

If Mi Home doesn’t see v2 bulbs, how can i control them with aqara smart switch?

Also, what is the ifttt service for mi home? i can’t find it.

MiHome does see v2 bulbs (on china server). It sees everything except Vacum cleaner (roborock). MiHome skill for Google Home/Assistand doesn’t see v2 bulbs. But Yeelight skill does.

It does, but if i use my v2 bulbs on china server, this means i have to switch yeelight to china server and if i do this change, yeelight skill for alexa won’t discover the devices.

Aha, I didn’t count Alexa into this :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s the problem. They advertise it works with alexa, now i have 2 gateways, 10 aqara wifi switches (1 button) and 2 aqara wifi switches (2 buttons) for nothing.

If only they had a alexa skill for mi home that could find devices on china server, it would make everything work.

This server mess is a nightmare. You have to know when you buy Xiaomi products witch server you have to use to make it work. Also if you have everything setup on US Server and you buy a new xiaomi product that only works on china server, you will have to transfer EVERYTHING (reset + config) on this new server.

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