version 3.1.54

1- In this version, when you try to get the color from the saved photo, the application hangs. I can not get the color from the photo.
2 - “Room” when the light is on, the state of the power button does not change. Those. the light turns on, and the button does not show the inclusion. And vice versa.

The status of the button is updated very long. 1 minute … or so … Russian server …

What type of your phone?

Thanks for your feedback, we will take a look.

Meizu mx4pro os - Flyme

When you try to select a color from the photo, the Yeelight goes to the QuickPic application to crop the photo and, after cropping, hangs with the rotating circle at the top right. In general, I do not understand why there is a menu “pruning” in this process?

That’s known issue as push service not ready. Will be fixed shortly.

3.1.57 - but I can not choose the color from the photo …

I’m with version 3.1.57 and I cannot use somethings as a group, for example music flow, I can only access this feature with each smart bulb.

Also, I’m trying to use Mi Home and I cannot add the smart bulbs, but as I shared right now them in Yeelight app I got a notification with Mi Home also when the person accepted the invite.