Malware Girl At Your Service

Need help with malware, apps that download themselves, ransomware, etc.? Then you’ve got the help you need! My dad is an expert for phones, but I’m the expert to malware fixing. Yeelight has to do with malware, so you’re gonna need help. I’m still researching it though, so don’t expect my advice to be 100% right. Edit: Yeelight might not be malware and i might have downloaded a fake app instead of the original.

No shit

Lmao that username, stop trolling.

Not trolling

Yeelight is malware


My colleague has tested with AVG, he didn’t find any warning. If you have any evidence, please show us.

Otherwise, we will ban you in three days.

Never mind i probably downloaded a fake app.

Please clarify it in every thread you have posted. Thanks!