Firmware for several Lights

I have a few Lights from Yeelight. Now every Months my Lamps Ceiling Light and Bedside Lamps are going Offline. Yeelight Bulb 2 the Colour Red is not Red as the Bulb 1 was. So when you Provide new Firmwares that solve the Problems? Must i wait and see? Here are my Firmware Versions:
Ceiling Light 1.5.5_0182
Bedside Lamp 2 1.5.5_0167
Bulb 2 Colour 1.4.2_0026
Light Strip 1.4.2_0044
So my Question to the Yeelight Team is there any newer Firmware available? I am on the Germany Server and there is nothing new Firmwares. I hope you can help me!
Best Regards

Please provider you xiaomi account, we will add you into white list for Ceiling light and Bedside lamp.

Ok Nr. 1737975482

Which ceiling light do you have?

YLXD01YL Ceiling Lights

Please try to update firmware tomorrow.


Any luck?

Yes Firmware Updated. Thank you! For now i have no disconnect for the Ceiling and the Bedside Lamps. I look further. I think the Bedside Lamps are not going in the timed Nightmode. Is there a hidden setting that i dont see?

Can you bring me to the Beta Firmware for the Colour Bulb 2?
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The lamp will not turn to NIghtmode automatically, you need to swipe the touch panel to enable it.

I mean that Option. I think its automatically?
Can you bring me to the Whitelist for the Colour Bulb2? I mean the Red Colour is not the same with a Colour Bulb 1.

That’s Nightmode page for ceiling lamp instead of bedside lamp.

For ceiling lamps, WHEN YOU TURN ON THE LAMP VIA APP during the time period you have set, the lamp will turn to nightmode automatically.

Hmm i think you dont know you own App. I dont lie.
Or you will joking me!?
Bedside Lamp had of course a Nightmode with a Timer.

Surprise look its from the Bedside Lamp.
Ok i think you can not help me. Thanks good Support.