Yeelight Alarm

Hello everyone.

This might be a “dumb” question but I’ve searched a lot and I’ve seen a lot of people posting tips, but with older version. I have 3 yeelights, RGB.
I configured them on Yeelight app.

I want to set the lights to turn on automatically at 7h45 of weekdays, so it triggers automatically.
I can set a routine (like I do have to wake me up with Spotify Daily Mix) but if I tell assistant to turn them on, it will also turn my living room lights, and I just want the bedroom ones.

Is there any specific command to turn one or two lights on, and not “turn on the lights” which turn them all on?
Another thing I tried, was the IFTTT “Wake up gently with sunrise” but I can only choose ONE light and not two, how can I do this?

Is also there any way to make my yeelights “blink” every week day at 00h15 to remind me to go sleep? Something I keep playing for too long and forget about the hours.
You’re the masters, you probably know how to help me.

Help me if you can.
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

You can set blink alert in yeelight app’s schedules page.


You can find guide book in Yeelight app, third-party integration section.

  1. To turn on / off a light

“Turn on <light name>”

  1. Dim a light

“Dim the <light name>”

  1. Brighten a light

“Brighten the <light name>”

  1. Set a light brightness to a certain percentage

“Set <light name> to 50%”

  1. Dim / Brighten lights by a certain percentage

“Dim / Brighten <light name> by 50%”

  1. Change the color of a light

“Turn <light name> green”

  1. Turn on / off all lights in room

“Turn on / off lights in <room name>"

  1. Turn on / off all lights

“Turn on / off all of the lights”

  1. Sync new devices

“Sync devices/lights”

You have to setup one by one.

Set up schedule with recommended Flash Notify effect in Yeelight app->device page->More page.