Yeelight 650

Hi i got my ceiling light new and it worked on the first day, next day it dies, nothing… cant switch on with wall switch neither with remote. Yeelight id 1700552543 can u see something their?

Please check if the lamp is properly installed, wires connected and the ‘pedestal’ is in good shape. Please also note ~220V AC power supply is required.

If all above requirements are met and the lamp stays off, try waiting for a while before switching it on; repeat several rounds. If it’s always off, there could be hardware defect. If the lamp turns on, try connecting it to mobile app and upgrading firmware.

i have the small ceiling light too, are the pedestals compatible on each other? so i can switch the lights and test if the light or the pedestal is not working

Yes. They are compatible.

Ok the 650 works on the old pedesta,l the other ceiling light doesn’t work on the pedestal from the 650. Checked the cables but is not working.