Mi Home / Yeelight Trigger from Power On/Off State


I’m tinkering around with my diverse Yeelights in my new flat. I used to only switch them with Aqara Switches and Cubes but in my new flat theres a lot of new “standard” Switches and I was thinking of having them send an impulse to a device which then sends a command to the Xiaomi Gateway so that the Yeelight groups can be switched on or off.

So the device would most likely have to be something like a current sensor plug with a battery that sends a signal to the gateway.

Does anyone understand what I mean and knows about a possible solution for this? Thank you

I am not sure wether exist the device you mentioned, but you can check this https://youpin.mi.com/detail?gid=102856&pid=14514. It could also send command to the Xiaomi Gateway and is more elegant.

Thank you for the answer. As written I already have aqara switches, but in my new home it would be nicer to bridge the existing ones by having some sort of protocoll sensing if a switched smart plug is turned on/off by the switch and then sending a command.

I am not quite sure about what is new “standard” switches. I can not understand that you want to make switches smart but you do not want to replace them with smart ones. How could that happen? Even though there exists a device as you mentioned, where could you put the device? Would you like to reform the ordinary switch and stick the smart plug with the ordinary? Maybe I didn’t get your point. Could you please give us more detail? Many thanks.