Can't reset bulb

I have a bulb that cannot be reset. Tried a lot of times the standard procedure (turning it off and on 5 times), but it never got to factory settings. I have another 5, and managed to get all of them setup, just that one is not setting up at all. When I turn it on, it starts on white, then turns quickly to red, green, blue, then back to static white. The voltage is correct.

Could you take a video?

I tried a lot of times, but it’s not doing the same now. It’s not resetting anyway. Sometimes it keeps turning on and off by itself, sometimes it’s blinking very fast like a strobe, just once it just kept on without blinking or turning it off by itself, I left for a couple of minutes for testing, but as soon I turned it off and on again, it was doing strange things again.

It’s not a voltage problem, because I managed to set all other bulbs in the same spot without any further problems, only that one is giving me a headache.

(I have some videos I made ilustrating what I told above, how could I send them?)


It should be broken, please contact the shop for replacement.