Yeelight color bulb keeps resetting by itself

I bought 5 yeelight color bulbs, one of them went easy through the setting up, two of them gave me a headache, had to reset it a lot of times until finally I was able to connect via the app, but the last two seems impossible to setup, because of a very odd problem. It just keeps blinking, until it resets to factory settings, then starts again. So it keeps resetting by itself, and I’m not able to set it up or update the firmware. Does anyone have any tips to how to deal with that issue?

What’s your power voltage? 110v or 220v? Have your checked the bulb’s voltage range.

It’s 220, the bulb is also 220.
3 of the 5 are all right, working fine.
I used the same spot to setup all the bulbs

I’ve made a video to ilustrate what’s happeningimage
In the video, I’m using a voltage stabilizor, just to be sure the voltage is correct. Even then, the bulb still does the same routine.
Now, after a little use, I noticed all five are acting strange. Even the other 3 I managed to setup, after a couple of minutes on, starts blinking fast, or making that same routine of factory resetting. Can I think it’s defective?

Hey, weiwei, any answer?

Are you sure the power supply is correct?? It looks like exactly the power is not enough which caused the bulb to reboot.

Seems like it, I manage to setup now with a voltage converter, don’t know exactly what was wrong, but now it worked.

Only one bulb was not setup, because it’s doing something different and I was not able to reset it. The second I turn it on, it’s white, than it changes quickly to red, green, blue, than back to white. It’s not like when it’s in factory settings, it’s different. And it does it every time I turn off and on again.

Any tips?

I got the same problem here.

Please double check your converter output voltage with a voltage meter, make sure there is stable voltage output in 220v.