Yeelight moon 480 ambilight issue, question

Hi all,

Im recently purchased

By description it contains ambilight too, but i Can not change/modify/turn on.

Questions.: m i do something wrong? Or i have to buy something separatly?

Thank you

It is off even you power on from wall switch? Please have a try to change the light by long press button in the Remote.

By default with remote control, and within the app, i able to change Moon or Sun mode, and the Dim too.

But the RGB ambilight seems to be unavailable.

- option not visible for me.

I am pretty sure that only the 650 version has RGB ambient light, the 480 doesn’t. Am I wrong??


Yes, only 650 has ambient light.

That’s what @Y4rk4s asked for and you didn’t give a straight answer. He was probably confused by shop’s description

Thanks all Guys!

Yes, my problem was, the Webshop includes same specification of 650 for all 3 models.

On the first check, i did not understand why the feature does not available.
But you get me the exact answer: The ambilight only available on 650

I contact the seller about confusing desc.

One idea.: is there any addon,/hardware improve lamp?.. Some yeelight strips? Or any workaround?