Yeelight LED Bulb Colour

I am becoming very frustrated trying to get my bulb to work and also trying to figure out how this forum works.
1 I have reset my bulb many times now and this step works
2 I have rebooted my router
3 I can connect the bulb through my phone, but that is what happens next

When I tried to connect to my router a message comes up CONNECTION TIMED OUT. I have tried this many many times, but the same every time. My router speed is in excess 0f 50 Mbps.

I am not a technical person, and do not normally get beaten by something which should be simple.
Any response needs to be in simple step by step stages

Please help - if not my bulb will end up in the rubbish bin!

I was lucky enough to get mine connected after a couple dozen tries. Sadly I had a power failure and have not been able to get them reconnected for the last 2 weeks. I am about to give up and start posting negative reviews. This is ridiculous.

The problem is that these bulbs only broadcast for about 10 seconds. This is not enough time to complete the connection process.

Could you check if the lamp show your router’s DHCP list after connection failed?