Smart device that works like wifi powerline repeater

since wifi repeater can receive and send data on the power line, why cant you make your LED lights do the same instead of broadcasting it on wifi. Patent it, i dont care

i am talking about this:

Actually, it is very true that if a device has the capability to provide good battery backup to all the users, it definitely works like powerline repeater. You may check the other details fromGmail support that will beneficial for you.

Very good idea.
May be it can support LAN control if WiFi is broken.
However, one thing I can think of is they might have to create a hub to send out the command.
This against their concept of simply connecting their devices to WiFi.
Again, another issue could be different electric current set for wall plug and light may be different (I am not sure as I am not a electric technician).
So far as I know, this type of WiFi power line adapter has very strict requirement, must be under same power box. Efficiency will be reduced even if you connect it to a power plug extension.