Yeelight Jiaoyue 450 dome broken at delivery : poor package quality, warning


I just received the Yeelight Jiaoyue 450.
I bought it at Gearbest and it has been delivered in France.
The box was packed in a plastic bag so I did not noticed anything at first sight. When opening the package, I discovered the plastic dome was broken.
Pictures here
I made a reclamation at Gearbest, but I post here a message b/c Yeelight is also responsible for the damage.

The item is not protected enough : on the top side it is protected by polystyrene piece and at the bottom by cardboard.
When putting pressure on the box, the cardboard is not hard enough and collapses. Then the pression is applied on the item, and the dome crashes.

So I do not recommend you to buy this item if it is shipped for a long distance.

Hey Yeelight people, please fix this and please provide me a new dome !

Thanks for your info, will forward to PJM.

I’m sorry for you. I myself have found myself in a similar situation more than once. Not all online stores pack fragile goods with sufficient quality.