Can't connect W3 Bulbs via Yeelight app

Hello there,

Am trying to connect my Yeelight W3 color bulb to “Yeelight” app on iOs but I can’t.
When I reset the bulb & head to settings to connect to Bulb’s Wi-Fi, my iPhone doesn’t identify it.

I’ve already connected it to “Mi Home” app but I don’t want to use it there. I need to enable LAN control via Yeelight app so I can connect my bulbs to Home Assistant.

(My Wi-Fi is 2.4 Ghz, WPA2-AEK encryption)

Hello, you are using the server, we just tested the Singapore server and found no problem, you can check the network you use, or set up a hotspot to try to see whether it can be bound

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It appeared to be a software issue (For the iOS app). Managed to access the bulb by using an android phone to access LAN feature via Yeelight app.