I need help with the region problem

Hello, I’m living in turkey and I’m having issues with my yeelight 1s’s they are connecting to my app but if i only choose the China region i bought them from china , so i think that’s the problem and I need the staff’s help

Hello, do you mean that this device can only connect to the Chinese server?

Yes I meant that

Hello, the region of Mihome APP is Turkey. It is possible to add 1S light belt and bulb to the device. If you are of these two products, you can try connection control on Mihome APP.

I think you didn’t understand me, so , i will tell you the whole backstory, i bought two yeelight bulb 1s out from a turk site called Hepsiburada that let’s sellers can sell their items from abroad, i bought those 2 lightbulbs from a abroad item seller and i got Chinese version from that seller and because of that i can’t use them on Europe server and control them over google assistant too

I’m sorry, I see what you mean. If you buy the Chinese version, you cannot use the device in Turkey. If you want to use the device in other regions, you need to return the device for another server version

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