Unable to turn off Bluetooth gateway

Can yeelight staff add function to turn off Bluetooth gateway for model (YLDL011GL/DL010W0CN). I got the lastest Xiaomi home hub and wish to turn off this independence gateway as recommended by Xiaomi.

Now the foreign consumers also have such annoying issue.
So what will you do, Yeelight?

You also have this problem right? Xiaomi recommend switch off all independence gateway function so that it will not interfere with the Xiaomi home hub.

Can any Yeelight staff reply and work on this fixes?

In the Chinese version thread (如何关闭皓石吊灯的蓝牙网关? - #9 由 vary12138) about this issue, they replied:
“Please note that due to limited R&D resources, there are no firm plans for fixes in the short term”

To me, this means they will never fix this issue and it is better not to buy any new products by yeelight.

Yes. Not acceptable reply from Yeelight staff. The independence gateway is destroying Xiaomi new home hub.