Xiaomi Yeelight LED Strip Plus no ORANGE, GREEN, and many other colors

Hello. As the name of the topic implies, I have no proper colors on my Yeelight Strip Plus. Candle flicker preset is basically red and green doesn’t exist!!

Can you help me fix the issue?

Btw this happened once I updated my firmware, so if possible, I’d like a downgrade.

You can try to adjust the color of the light to red、green and blue, and see if it is normal. If the light is off, it means that there is a problem with one of the color light. If you want to degrade the firmware, please connect the device to the mainland server, and then share the device to account 268240019, we can try to degrade

I tried these colors and when switching to green, the lights are off. I’ll try connecting to mainland. What do you mean by sharing my account to that number? How do I do that?

I can’t even sign in when using the Chinese region. It’s not working at all and I need to go back to my native region

I actually signed in but I can’t add any devices, the app won’t recognize them

Tested with the Google Home app as well and nothing. It still shuffles between blue, red, purple colors, with orange, green, and other colors unavailable.I vividly remember plugging them in for the first time, even before connecting them with the phone, and they started glowing ORANGE - now it’s not there