Filament bulb won't show in Google home.

Filament bulb won’t show in Google home. I have updated to the latest firmware in yeelight app but only my coloured bulbs will show in Google home. This needs a solution. Please let me know what I can do

Hello, please leave your Xiaomi account. We will confirm the problem you gave us and repeat it


Hello, I see a version of the latest firmware in the background, you can upgrade the Filament bulb to version 2.1.7_0020 for testing

It only goes to 0018 not 0020

Hello, I see that the European service version 20 firmware is still under development, you can first switch to the server in mainland China, add the device, upgrade the device to version 20 and then switch back. There is no problem for us to repeat version 20 and join Google Home

How do I switch the server

I have updated to version 0020. Reconnected back to Europe server. Added both bulbs to yeelight. Reconnected yeelight to Google home and they still aren’t showing. Only my coloured bulbs are being recognised by Google home. This has not worked