Local discovery fails when router offline for hours


I bought 5 bulbs W1 RGBW, firmware 2.08.0016 and made an arduino-program (as SoftAP) to control them over DMX. Works great.

After leaving on the bulbs, but switching-off my Arduino and (after 12 hours or so) switching on again, I can see that the bulbs get registered in the Arduino-DHCP, but the local discovery does not work.

When I switch 1 bulb off and on (that is take power away) again, only this bulb reacts on local discovery. Doing that with all the bulbs is the only way to return to normal operation.

This sounds like a bug in the firmware of the bulb.

There maybe a problem of adaptability

Not sure what you mean here…?


Since there’s no reaction on this… is this the right place to report bugs?