Yeelight 450s and 550s problems.


Does anybody else have a problem that the light itself is to loose when you lock it in place. Bought 3 lights and 2 out of 3 falls down too much when locking to the ceiling holder. This means that the light and the holder have too much space between them and the light wont work. The light starts to work if you push it up with your hand.

Thank you for any answers!

Hello, could you please provide photos of the scene for us to have a look


Thank you for answering. So wasn’t really sure but took photos of how to get the light to work.

So as you can see the light doesn’t turn on when I toggle the light switch. It starts to work after I push it towards the ceiling with a painting stick. It’s the same thing with my 550s but not my other 450. The one that works feels like it’s clicking to the base better than the other ones.

Thanks in advance!