Yeelight/Mi smart light bulb is blinking and doesn't connect

I’ve been using Mi Smart LED Bulb Essential White & Color (model MJDPL01YL) for quite some time now and it worked fine (both with Yeelight and Mi Home mobile apps and even with Home Assistant). Yesterday there was a planned power outage in my area, and after it ended, instead of just turning on this bulb started blinking white with occasional red and green. It is shown as “offline” in both mobile apps. I’ve tried resetting it with 5 turn on/offs with no success. Bulb was installed in a standing floor lamp, hard switch was always on and it was controlled via apps. Right now bulb doesn’t even try to connect to wi-fi network it was connected before, it doesn’t connect to miio_default hotspot as well. It makes no weird sounds, just blinking and that’s all. It doesn’t heat up and the issue persists even after bulb is turned off for a long time.
Main question now - is it dead or something can be done? I think this particular bulb might be on warranty still, but I’ve got no docs left and I’m leaving to another country soon, so I can’t really replace it that way.

Video of the problem (sorry that it was recorded at night, also relatively fast blinking lights alert for ppl with epilepsy):

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I have the same problem. I changed my router and now my mjdpl01yl acts the same. Does anyone have solution for that?