Yeelight Ceiling Light visible in Home Kit but not in Yeelight app

I have Yeelight Arwen Ceiling Light 550S. It is connected to Wi-fi and I can control it via Apple Home Kit. It was also available in Yeelight app, but after one day it went offline there. Restarting app or Yeelight Ceiling Light does not help. I removed the light from the Yeelight app and I’m trying to add it again, but with no success. When I choose “Add Device” option then I can see the screen with a message “Scanning nearby Bluetooth devices…” and nothing shows up. This looks quite normal, as the ceiling light is already conneted to wifi and it is not available via bluetooth (i guess). But I can also choose an option “Add Accessories From Home” and then the lamp is visible on the screen but adding it fails.
How it is possible that this light is visible in apple home app but not in the official Yeelight app? It is also offline in Xiaomi Home app.
I think all of these problems happened after I updated the firmware of the lamp, but I cannot be sure as I updated the firmware the first day I bought the light which was yeasterday.
I appreciate any help.