Yeelight Mesh LED downlight connection issue

I’ve installed the lights, and reset them, but they do not show up in the Yeelight app. I’ve tried resetting several times, but they simply do not show up in the list when I add a device. Is there something I am required to do additionally?

Hello, did the lamp blink when it was reset? Make sure the lamp is successfully reset before connecting

Yes it did blink

Hello, can implement from the mijia platform to add equipment to try. If it doesn’t, chances are there’s something wrong with the device’s communication module

Thank you. Turns miija app found them only if I connect via China server, unfortunately they do not work with my Google Home. Can you please tell me what downlight I can buy from Yeelight so it will work with Google Home? Thank you!

Hello, we can consider the MESH VERSION of M2 series downlight, but it needs to be equipped with the Bluetooth Mesh gateway

I have Yeelight Pendant Light, I believe it can act as a Bluetooth getaway. Downlight M2 Mesh unfortunately is bigger than Downlight and it won’t fit in my ceiling :frowning: