Colour Bulbs All Offline

I’ve literally tried everything I know.
I have 6 colour bulbs that for most of the last few years have worked fine.

Recently they all went offline.

I’ve checked router is 2.4ghz.
I’ve reset all bulbs.
I’ve switched servers.
I’ve deleted cache and all data.
Deleted app and reinstalled.

I can’t think of anything else I can try, no idea why everything has stopped working.

I’ve not changed anything.

Any help would be appreciated thanks.

I’m glad I’m not the only one with this issue I thought maybe it was my bulb. This is a SERIOUS issue and needs to be fixed. Something I paid, which still works on a hardware level will not work on a software level. My lightbulb is bsoding. Why has Yee not commented on this yet? Please give us a fix.

So, no help then.

Looks like I’ll be getting rid of these useless bulbs.

Agreed. This is unacceptable. Where is the support!!!