Yeelight JIAOYUE 450 + Yeelight Smart Switch - not working

Hello all,

I’m owning the Yeelight JIAOYUE 450 LED Ceiling Light since many years and about 2-3 months ago I purchased the Yeelight Smart Switch (wired, not the Bluetooth model). But unfortunately I can’t make it work together. The switch is connecting to the Ceiling Light but only the on/off switch is working. The dimmer is showing no function. My assumption is, that the firmware version is out of date (1.5.5_0034) and the newest version is 2.0.2_0048 but here’s the next problem. The update function is not working. Everytime I’m starting the update it stops at 1 % until it cancels completely. I changed already the server many times and now it’s connected to Chinese servers (I’m from Europe). Is there any option to update the version of the Ceiling Light or is there any other solution to make the switch work?

Hi,The r & D teacher has located the problem and is prioritizing the solution. Please wait a little longer

How long will it take? Just asking as it would be unfortunate not to be able to use two Yeelight products which should be compatible…