Yeelight 1S schedule


I would like to make schedule for Yeelight RGB 1S bulbs so when the sunset is coming it changes color to warmer WITHOUT necessity of turning it on temporarily.
I’d like to make it like: if it is 5 p.m. or later when the bulb is turned on it has 2700K
Is it possible?
One more question - is it possible to control 1S RGB with wall dimmer of some kind?

Thank you!

Hello, you can set the timing to achieve the color temperature and brightness of the bulb at the specified time, the second problem, you mean the white knob switch? That is not able to control the light bulb

Thanks for reply!

But is it possible to change brightness and color temperature without turning the light on (but with lightbulb still being online)?
I know I can use schedule to turn the lightbulb on with specified parameters but I would like to change parameters without turning the light on.

For example, create a scenario with a bulb color temperature of 2700K, and then set it to execute every day at 5pm, so that it will automatically execute every day!

Thanks again for reply!

Such schedule would turn the lights at 5 p.m. in all the rooms in my house and I would have to turn them off - I’d rather avoid it! :grinning:
Maybe you could add such an option in schedule - to change color/temperature/brightness but without changing the on/off state?