Yeelight Lightstrip 1S is RGBW or just RGB?

Hello, i just bought the Yeelight Lightstrip 1S (2m) and 8 x1m Yeelight Lightstrip Plus Extension. Before i buy it, i saw video on Youtube and i saw the “White” option, -I want it because i have 13 x W1 GU10 Spots and 16 1S Bulb Color whitch they are RGBW. In Greece they promoted like RGBW in all our Big online stores, and i saw some pictures on US website of Yeelight which have some pictures of Yeelight App with White option in this strip.

Is Yeelight Lightstrip 1S RGBW?
Why my it hasn’t this option?
Is there any RGBW Lightstrip by Yeelight?

ID: 6337367690
Server: EU

Thanks. :grin:

Yeelight Lightstrip 1S is an RGB Lightstrip. There is no RGBW lamp belt for mijia product line