How do I setup two seperate sets of YL Meteorite + remote

I have two YL Metorite (Crystal pendant) and two YL remotes. For some reason both remotes controls both lights. I would like them to be paired completely independant of each other if possible.

I feel I have tried everything but in vain. If I press and hold M + Off on one remote, it starts blinking immediately and then turns off. Nothing happens after 10+ seconds.

What I have tried is this:

  1. Turn off both lights on their respective main switches.
  2. Press and hold M + Off on remote #2.
  3. While holding M + Off on remote #2 I turn on light #2 on its main switch. Nothing happens other than the light comes on.
  4. After about 5-7 seconds I release M + Off on remote #2.
  5. Still nothing :frowning:

I even tried resetting light #2 (five times off and on) but still nothing. Both remotes controls both lamps.

Please help :slight_smile:

You can try resetting the remote control by pairing one of the lights with a remote control while the other lights remain powered off.

Last night I found out that both remotes were present under both lights. So I just had to remove one from each light :slight_smile: I’m a happy camper now :slight_smile: