Cannot delete old or create new scenes in the Yeelight app!

I can’t get rid of the old scenes like I used to, and when I create a new one, it disappears straight away. Is anyone else having this issue?

Edit: The old scenes appeared like they were removed when I deleted the app, but Alexa still found them unfortunately. Can anybody help?

my MI ID: 1791941717

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Not sure but seems there are some issues with scenes
Are you using Frankfurt server?

I’m getting server error on Yeelight App , and can’t see my scenes.

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Yep Frankfurt server! Maybe there are issues with it, at least it’s not just me! Thankyou for the reply :slight_smile:

Hi there

I have same type of issue. Tried to delete a scene and got an error message.

Also, if I want to edit a scene in the Yeelight app. The app reverts back to main app page.

MID 1665887926
Server Oregon server