Can't set light group to specific color/temperature in Mi Home

I want to switch from Yeelight app to the Mi Home one, but it seems to lack some functionality.

What I want is several shortcuts that turn on my lights to a pre-defined state. I’ve noticed that I can create a Scene that sets the light to a specified state, which is what I want. However, that only works for individual lights. For some reasons, light groups don’t have that option.

I could manually add each light into scene and set them to the same state, the issue is that then I won’t be able to manually set the state of all lamps without using a scene(like if I want to set them all to a color I don’t normally use). This is because for some reason, Mi Home doesn’t let me use individual lights after I’ve created the light group with them.

Is there any way around that?

This is an error in the the firmware. I have the same problem. Please update.

I’m already using the latest version from 24th of December. Unless you’re asking the devs to update and fix it, which would be nice.

I mean Xiaomi must release a firmware update.

I discovered a solution but you must use two apps: Xiaomi home and Yeelight.

I have the lights grouped in Yeelight and as singles in the home app.