Yeelight Smart LED D2 Bedside Table Lamp [RESOLVED]

I have run into issues with my Yeelight D2 beside lamp. I’ve tried contacting numerous times, but nobody ever responds. How does one get support from Yeelight for faulty products?

In my case, the device appears to have developed some sort of fault. After a few hours, if you try to turn it on, it quickly flashes blue and turns off. The next time you try it works. This happens regardless of how you turned the light on:

  • Pressing the physical on button.
  • Tapping the light to turn it on.
  • Using Google Assistant.
  • Using the Yeelight app.

I’ve tried unplugging the light for a while, the problem still occurs. I have recorded 2 videos of this occurring.

There seems to be little to no support from Yeelight or any concern about faults, and it is proving to be frustrating.

Dude i have exactly the same problem, what do you do to resolve it?

Yeelight sent me an RMA form and I returned it, they replaced it without any issues. So I can’t fault them on that. I found the whole process a bit painful and frustrating at times. From a customer service point of view its not great, but at the end of the day they did come through.