yeelight led screen light bar pro not working

Hi i bought an yeelight led screen light bar pro on banggood.

no it has arrived but is not working…

i cant controll the light via the remote and can not connect the Lightbar via app.

The reset is not working either (fast, slow i tried everyting)

What do i have to do… a need highly support, because now i cant use the light at all…

sometimes the light goes on and off without doing anything…

i already tried other cables, i changes the batterie of the remote twice and tried different powersupplys (all min10W)

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I have no clue how to solve my problem… no advise?

No Yeelight stuff answering with a defect new orderd product? :pensive:

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me having the same problem too
led lights keep blinking and the rgb keep running repeatively.