Lightstrip goes offline


I got a problem with my lightstrip, which I can’t find a olution to.

My lightstrip randomly just goes offline and wont come back online unless I unplug it from the power source and plug it back in.

I reset it several times - no change. Server is Germany.

Thanks for you help.


I have the same problem with 3 lightstrips :frowning:

Hey @DmitryKrasnovsky,
since a few days they are working again - a wonder.
Alternatively you can try changing the server to China - tjat could do the trick.

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I can’t move to China, because I have 50+ devices on Xiaomi Malta region. I will die reconnecting them. :frowning:

Same issue here. Lightstrip has been working fine and all of a sudden, poof device goes offline and only works on and off function. When trying to read as a new device, it pairs 100% then says connection time out. Frustrating - I didn’t even do anything to the settings and it’s suddenly offline. Not the first time this had happened with the lightstrip. Anyone fr yeelight can help address?