Wifi and Bluetooth when it standby

Hello , I have Arwen Ceiling Light 450C x 2 pcs can you tell how I can controll wi fi and Bluetooth when I don’t need it . Can I switch it off ?
Why I need it ? - Because I have many things that use Bluetooth and wifi and all of this frequencies distract each other.
OR Wifi and Bluetooth will turn off automatically after time .

Do you mean turn off Wifi or Bluetooth automatically when you’re not using the device

Yes, Turn off it is automatically or can control it ?

Sorry, the device does not automatically turn off Bluetooth or Wifi.

Can you update firmware for control it from application? Or somehow.

There’s nothing I can do. I’m sorry, buddy, but I don’t understand. Why Turn Off Wifi or Bluetooth? For what reason? Is it just too much equipment? Do any of the other devices you use have this feature?

Many signals from many equipment . They distract each other .

Sorry, my friend, there is no way to set the Wi-fi and Bluetooth on or off automatically or manually. I can’t solve your problem. Sorry.

That doesn’t make any sense. They’re smart devices made to be controlled via WiFi or whatever protocol, so they should be always on. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. If you have problems with WiFi signal, you should get another access point or a router.