Multiple Mi LED Ceiling Light keeps dropping out

I have 5 Mi LED Ceiling lights and I have been having a lot of issues with them. They keep dropping off my wireless network. Within a 24 hour period I usually have 2-3 of them drop out and need to be rebooted.

I’ve tried adjusting a lot of wireless setting and none have made a difference. I have even setup a separate wireless access point just to see if there was some sort of incompatibility with the Unifi access points I normally use. There seems to be a lot of comments in this forum about similar issues, but there doesn’t seem to be any sort of solution.

I do a have LED Bulb II (Color) which I have no issues with and it has been online for 54 days now without a problem.

There has to be some sort of issue with the firmware running on these ceiling lights.

Anyone having similar issues?

I don’t. One of my 5 is turning off by itself but are you using them on 2.4ghz WiFi? 5g could make this problem