Does the W3 bulb work with Mi Home?

Hi every one!!
Almost all my bulbs at home are from Yeelight (ceiling and E27 bulbs) but I don’t have much time any more to read the news about Yeelight products and smart home in general.
What i want to ask is if the W3 bulbs, color and white, are working with Xiaomi Mi Home as it doesn’t mentioned on the specs.
I have the chinese version of the Xiaomi Gateway and I want to be sure that if I purchase a W3 bulb I will be able to use it with Mi home automation and wireless switches

Hi, I have the same problem now.

All my ligtstrips and bulbs are working flawlessly with Xiaomi Home and Yeelight apps, but I bought 2 W3 Color Bulbs and even though they connect and work normally under Yeelight app, Xiaomi Home doesn’t have them in the list and won’t connect to them so I can’t connect them to my Mi Wireless Switch which works with my older and 1S bulbs.

If anyone has a workaround, I would appreciate it.

Thanks. :slight_smile: