Problem with frames duration

I bought this bulb only last week, and from the very first costume scene I was trying to create I encountered the following bugs:
The scene is slow sunrise- 10 layers where the first one is a layer frame with 5min of delay, 1÷ orange light, and the last one is white color with 100÷ brightness
The hole scene is 20 min.

What really happens is:
When the scene starts the bulb changes its colors (flikering) for about a minute, which I didn’t define to do (this js happenedin every costume scene Ive created
Also, the app doesn’t wait 5 minutes for the first frame, he run through the other layers way to fast- he runs through all layers around 5 minutes instead

How this behavior can be fixed?

Image of the scene definition is attached:


couldn’t you do this with 2 frames?
frame 1: turn on at warm color temp 10% brightness over 5 minutes
frame 2: you preferred final color temperature, 100% brightness over 20 minutes