Does the yeelight smart RGB led strip work with their SLISAON switches?

SLISAON switches are “smart lighting is always on” meaning they are flex switch that just sends an impulse to the smart light which tells it to on/off but without sending it offline. Meaning there is always power to the smart bulb. And that is great and solves many problems. (it’s supposed to work with their 1S smart bulb)
However, I want to also use their yeelight smart led strip and route its power through that switch as well (they have up to 3 buttons) so i can control all the lighting from same switch as a back-up when smarter systems don’t work and also to be family/guests friendly.
But I can’t find any information online (at least in English) if that does indeed work. SLISAON switch with yeelight smart wifi RGB strip (found some info it might work with their non-RGB strip) though.

So if anyone knows or if there is another led strip that works with SLISAON please let me know because I have to finalize the electrical installation design by tomorrow :slight_smile:

Thank you!