yeelight 灯带90度链接 / yeelight LED light strip 90 degrees angle


我搜了淘宝找到了对接线/头, 想把灯带一分为二 ,可是yeelight的灯带是接不上的,因为三线的接点是和其他厂商的灯带不一样的。




I’ve bought the Yeelight willow light strip and am trying to install the LED to the cove box, however there is a 90 degree angle which I believe I would need to cut the light strip into 2 strip and get a cable to connect both the strips up.

However I’ve searched major sites and found that there are connectors but the pins does not fit the yeelight led strip since the pins location on the strip is a little different from other manufacturers.

Would like to seek help on how did you guys overcome this issue when installing the light strip over a 90 degree angle.