Alexa, Google Home and Yeelight application stopped working.

Edit: It is now working again.

Hello, everything was working great for years until recently.
Firstly, I’ve set an alexa sunset routine to activate a scene in Yeelight that instead of activating my scene, it’s doing weird colors with the bulbs. A few days ago, Yeelight scenes stopped working with my Google Home. I say active “#” scene and it does nothing. It works if I directly day turn the lights off or change colors though. Today, my last hope for activating scenes stopped working. The Yeelight app disconnected me and I can’t login again! It does nothing after spinning for 30 seconds.

Is anyone else having problems with Yeelight for the last few days - weeks?

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Me too!!! Alexa detected the device but doesn’t work. " The device don’t answer". Works properly in Yeelight app but it’s not working on Alexa.


This is happening to me now. I don’t know how to solve it, did you get it? @Facu72

Not yet!