All recommendations in app are gone.

Just noticed. All my recommendations in yeelight app are gone.
The only two left are Sunset and Sunrise.

Any idea why? Did not change or remove by myself.


It might have something with language. It used to be English but now it is translated to Polish (my phone language)

Same for me. But I have two models. An older one that has the same scenes as you, and a newer one, that has two more. I’ve tried installing and older version of the app, loggin out and in, changing server, etc. But nothing changed.

Ok, so I’ve figured out that it’s a bug. When changing my device’s language to english, they all reappeared

I’m having the same issue. Suddenly, all modes disappeared and they only appear again if I put the device’s language in english…

It looks like it’s fixed. All modes are back and translated into Polish.

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In spanish too!