Yeelight Bedside Lamp 2 - LAN Control issue - continues

Since new users are prevented from responding in the same topic more than 3 times, and the issues related to LAN control has been taking weeks to fix, I am forced to open this new topic.

My Bedside lamp has been showing the 0.43 firmware version available for a better part of 2 days and every time I try to update it the update is stuck at 1% until it fails.

Tried uninstalling the app, clearing the cache, re-adding the lamp, to no avail.

@chyhaiyuan has been doing a great job, but it seems there are hundreds of people asking for it, so one guy cannot cope with it!

Can anyone provide any guidance how to proceed?

This LAN removal and re-enabling process is such an absolute mess!!! Yeelight, you should do better!