After the update, there is no connection with YLXD50YL

Good day.
Problem with YLXD50YL.
After the update, the light is not detected in either Mi Home or the Yeelight app.
The remote control also cannot be connected to the luminaire.
When reset to factory settings, the access point is not created by the luminaire. those. there is no way to contact him.
Unfortunately, I did not remember the firmware version that was installed last.

Are there any ways to somehow restore the working capacity of the lamp?
Maybe you can go back to the previous firmware version?

I took it apart and noticed that it is using ESP32. I have little experience with these modules. Maybe you provide the firmware so that I can reflash the ESP32 myself. Or perhaps you can purchase a ready-made ESP32 with firmware inside and change it.

Serial number of the luminaire according to the sticker on the body: YLXD50 / 00009229

I noticed that the MAC address is indicated on the sticker of the lamp: 5C:E5:0C:34:6B:87
The same MAC address is read by the QR code on the ESP32 chip.

But when, I updated the lamp, I took a screenshot that shows a slightly different MAC address: 5E:E5:0C:34:6B:87
Perhaps the problem is related to this.