Yeelight Stopped Working & Will not Reset/Install

I have iPhone 5s & same router for nearly 2 years but yesterday non of my bulbs would connect to home network (Alexa) or phone. I have tried many times to reset devices but it fails - it finds the bulb on my phone so I connect to it’s wifi & says Device connected & Message sent to device but it fails Connecting to device to network.

I moved bulb to next to router but it still fails.

Does anyone know why suddenly it stops working, if this is a known issue & most important how to fix as system is no good unless I can connect to phone &/or home network.

I forgot to mention that the system has worked fine for nearly two years but now it has suddenly stopped when there have been no changes or recent App updates.

I have 2 yeelight bulb colour units linked to my Google home app . Both were working fine and now both have stopped working . When I try to rest the units the connection times "keeps running out " and now I can not connect them at all. I have the latest version of the Yeelight app and I am using a Xiaomi Redmi Note 9s to do the set up. Nothing I have tried is working. Everytime I rested the router or the bulbs I can not go beyond the "connection time run out " message . Please help. I can no longer use my bulbs and I have ordered 5 more and I’m worried they will not work too

I had a similar issue, pretty much everything I tried did not work. The system worked fine for nearly 2 years & eventhough I had not changed anything all the bulbs suddenly stopped working. In my case I reset my router a number of times & retried, eventually the bulbs would connect.